Hello there! Round 4- Vagabond tournment

So, Week 4 blog. I am 1/2. Lost two, won 1. Now, I am writing this late. I did not quite know how to write this week. I will admit I look at this game with foresight and must admit, I am annoyed by this game. In summary I got highly shafted by the dice. With it being 8am when I played this game, I actually came away from the game annoyed. Not at my opponent, who looking back also had terrible dice rolls, but for the first time ever- I got annoyed with the dice.


Normally my dice rolls are abysmal, I admit this, I never roll well. This game however, it just felt like the odds were stacked against me. So, I have been putting this off. I want to make this clear. I am not trying to make excuses. I have mulled over this game the entire week and I would not change anything for the world, my plan for the game was fine. Fly in a square and use my list’s ability to help each other. Now, my notes are scattered and awful. A mixture of sleepiness, an ability to forget to take photos and notes, plus general feeling of dismay left my notes lacking. So, this blog will be awfully short… apologies, I just had not quite woken up and a sense of this gives me a time to discuss dice.

Those small D8’s that give us so little hope and betray you. I mean, we all know dice divergence and how that works. Now, my dice did not track but, when you lose obi-wan in two shot, in one round of shooting, with a focus and full force? Yeah, the dice divergence was not in your favour! It just angered me more than normal, which is weird. But, this anger managed to manifest after the match, somehow keeping it together through the game, at least I hope. There is nothing worse than a perceived sore loser over a game where we stand (Well, sit now) and move plastic toys on a table!


See, I am having to waffle a lot more, because if I do the battle report, It is going to be awful… but, I must delve into the horrible, stinking abyss! So, the list I went with was this:


Calibrated laser targeting


Calibrated Laser targeting



Calibrated laser targeting






Nice list to fly in a block, Padme blocks all the ability to modify most focus tokens on defence and attack. So, then my opponent (Brendan) list. He was from Australia, so we played at 8am BST (British Summer Time).


Kylo Ren

Advanced Optics




Epsilon pilot





Deployment had Kylo jousting my block of ships, with the rest in the other corner.

Round 1, oh boy… This round went well, one of the few… My entire block just went 2 forward and it was the best, non-bumping manoeuvre I pulled with the block! His ships take a mixtures of 3,4,5’s and barrel rolls.


Round 2, I end up bumping Luminara and Obi-wan as the entire formation attempts to slowly move into the middle of the mat. Epsilon takes a hard 1, Rivas takes a hard 3, Longshot a hard 1 and lastly Kylo 2 banks.


Round 3- The doom begins. Epsilon takes a 3 bank, Rivas a straight 2, longshot a straight 5, Ahsoka does the same, but barrel rolls and focuses. Luminara takes a bank 2. Obi takes a 1 bank.

Now, Kylo shoots Luminara, taking her shield and 1 hull. Obi takes Kylo’s shields. Ahsoka takes shield and 1 hull off Rivas. Luminara took Kylo’s ability (We subsequently forgot about it, so it never came into play). Nothing else happened that entire round


Round 4- now this is where notes go shaky, so this will be where I change my tact my writing. I am going to give a recap of the match instead of my normal reports, I am going to use this as a learning lesson to wake up before a game and well… deal better with awful dice! Luminara went from a working ship to one ready to explode after she completely blanks on two attacks, which chew through her to 1 hull! Obi-wan also loses his shield. So round 5 rolls around… I made no notes on manoeuvres or proper dice rolls all I have here is Obi-wan, fully moded dies in this round! Longshot also loses his shield, so small mercies! Round 6, Kylo cannot get any hits into Ahsoka, while I get the epsilon down to 1 hull (Spoiler- it stay is that way all game). Ashoka, still fully moded, dies to two shots, with direct hit coming to haunt me, with one force being spent… That hurt! This entire game, Padme has done nothing, shot Kylo and flew off into the sun set, she was finally coming around. Round 7 and Padme drops from full health to 2 hull, just by coming around. Round 8, and Padme dies, as the nearly every enemy ship follows her. Luminara looks like she might survive the horror show, until with the last roll of the entire game, in round 9 she dies!


So, here I will post all my pics I remembered to take, I will try and name them to the correct round if I can.


round 2

So, what did I learn? I should have been braver and Jousted. With Padme I could have possibly kept them all alive slightly longer if I jousted. However, if the dice are against you, then there is nothing you can do! To be honest, after our match, we had a nice discussion, were even he could not believe my luck with the dice. He also noted once I had to spend my force early, the list lost the synergy and it all fell apart. So, in summary- Dice, the thing that wins and loses games!


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